Our Treatment Approach

At Turnbull Clinic, we love fixing bodies. Our goal is for you to be strong, flexible and pain-free.

We value our patients being well-informed and taking an active role in their healing.

We use minimal force to create changes in the communication between the brain and the muscles. The result is usually a dramatic improvement in muscle performance and reduction of joint pain and tension.

Myotonic Facilitaion Technique targets the dysfunctional muscles that cause skeletal misalignment.

Correction involves restoring communication between the nervous system and the dysfunctional muscles.

Facilitating neuro-muscular integration usually occurs within seconds and is performed by gentle manipulation of the affected muscle fibers.

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Dr. Turnbull is an amazing doctor and a wonderfully comforting man. I just left his office and am not surprised to say that, after 8 months of being in pain, he fixed my knee. I have been a patient for at least 5 years and usually wait until I am in extreme pain before making an appointment. Every visit, Dr. Turnbull has been patient and understanding, but better yet, I leave pain free. I have been treated for back injuries in the past, and now a knee injury and leave feeling so much better every time!

~ Kim. C

We have a 12-week-old who was struggling with colic, screaming every night for 1-2 hours. We brought him to Turnbull where we were taught techniques to release gas and intestinal discomfort, as well as nutritional advice for myself. Each day we do the simple exercises. Ever since our visit jack has not had his nightly screaming. Dr Turnbull was able to help us with a baby who could not tell him where it hurt and has more infant knowledge than any of the pediatricians we have seen. I also go for low back pain caused by a work injury and leave feeling brand new.

~ A. Alderman

Dr Turnbull is exceptionally knowledgeable, kind and caring. If you are in pain/discomfort or your movement is limited don’t wait. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You will not find a more caring and wise provider than him. I’ve been dealing with a stubborn low back issue for a long time, have seen many “specialist” and became discouraged due to no results. After just 2 visits with Dr. Turnbull I saw a dramatic improvement, which is exciting. Thank you, Dr. T! I’m so glad I found you.

~ K. Masia

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