A parentʼs guide to relieving childhood pains

This booklet is dedicated to children in the hope that they may live happier, healthier lives.

Health Concepts:

  1. Muscles move bones and can compress nerves and joints.
  2. A healthy muscle is strong, flexible and pain-free.

Treatment Area: Skull

Condition: Headaches, sinus problems, stress relief

Signs/Symptoms: Tender areas in front, top &/or sides of skull. Pressure &/or pain in head.


1) Use palm of hands to gently compress forehead and base of skull. Hold for 1 to 3 seconds and release. Repeat several times. [aka squishy head]

Treatment Area: Sinuses

Condition: Sinus problems, headaches

Signs/Symptoms: Tender areas in temples, jaw and face. Pressure &/or pain in head. Runny nose, sinus drip, stuffy nose.


  1. Use fingertips to massage temples upward with slow, gently strokes.
  2. Pinch thumb and first finger together. Compress straight into bridge of nose. Slowly and gently press bridge of nose left, right, up and down.
  3. Use one fingertip to press directly into each corner of the nose then gently massage.








Treatment Area: Ears

Condition: Ear infections, Otits Media [usually only one ear involved], sore throat, sinus problems,

Signs/Symptoms: External ear may be red and elevated local temperature. Complaint of pain, hearing diminished, and/or tugging/rubbing ear.


  1. Massage groove below ear. Usually very sensitive to touch. If temperature slightly elevated apply cool, damp cloth repeatedly. Eliminate dairy and sugar intake until infection gone.
  2. Massage ear lobes and gently traction them away from the skull.

Treatment Area: Throat

Condition: Sore throat, hoarse voice, coughing, sinus problems

Signs/Symptoms: Painful swallowing.


  1. Have child swallow and identify painful spot on throat. Gently squeeze tender muscles running alongside trachea.
  2. Press into top of collarbone along the midline divot where tender muscle inserts.

Treatment Area: Chest

Condition: Coughing, sinus problems, colds

Signs/Symptoms: Wheezing, coughing sputum, shortness of breath


  1. While child is saying ʻaaaaaaahhhhhhhhʼ, gently pound into chest and upper back with bottom of fists.


Treatment Area: Neck

Condition: Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

Signs/Symptoms: Locked neck muscles [wry neck], loss of motion, weakness


  1. While child lays face up place one hand under base of skull and gently traction. Other hand gently slides down neck muscles into shoulder.
  2. Gently traction skull as you flex, rotate and laterally stretch neck.

Treatment Area: Belly

Condition: Upset stomach, digestive issues, stomach pain, bowel problems

Signs/Symptoms: Bloating, tenderness, firmness/hardness, vomiting,


  1. Massage stomach in clockwise motion. Lightly touch and hold areas of severe discomfort. Use flat hand first to rub then use fingers to walk around the belly.


Treatment Area: Pubic bone

Condition: Urinary problems

Signs/Symptoms: Urinary tract infections [UTI], bladder dysfunction


  1. While child is sitting on toilet gently press in and down into bladder to help completely void. Then hook bladder with fingertips and tug superiorly.
  2. Press into top of pubic bone where tender.


Treatment Area: Knees

Condition: “growing pains”, knee pain

Signs/Symptoms: knees crack and pop, knees ache, painful to squat or jump


  1. Press straight into mid thigh to compress tight quads
  2. Press down into top of kneecap where muscle inserts
  3. Press down into top of tibia bone to massage tendon attachment of quads