Patellar Tendonitis




The doctor said I have “growing pains”.


What does that mean?




I see many early to mid teen athletic patients that complain of knee pain.

The most absurd statement a provider can make is to tell the patient they have “growing pains”.

The explanation that usually follows is something like this, “Your bones are outgrowing your muscles and causing you pain”.

In which reality can a bone grow faster and farther than muscle fibers can stretch?


It is statements like that which propel me to write articles like this one:


“Patellar Tendonitis: Diagnosis and Treatment”




Here are some of my notes from the MFT treatment manual on how to apply these concepts.



  1.  Pain is localized in the sub-patellar/tibia region.
  2. Kneeling may be painful.
  3. Calcification of the patellar tendon at the tibial tuberosity insertion may occur
  4. Squatting fully may not be possible due to pain and/or joint pressure.
  5. The quadriceps muscle will test weak.



MFT Diagnosis – Quadriceps muscle testing



MFT Correction

The arrows show which way to push into the insertion points.

The dots represent areas of muscle fiber adhesions that are addressed using perpendicular lines of force.


COMING SOON – Look for the blog post on MFT knee rehab techniques.


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