L5 Fixation


I just got zapped again in my left LumboPelvic (LP) region.

Shocking pain and muscle failure causing me to drop to my knees.

HVLA moves are painful and don’t relieve the problem.

I pull out my adjusting tool and go to town…

only getting temporary relief.

How many days will this continue?

What do I need to do to correct this?


My approach to dealing with my LP pain:

What I found gave me the most relief was addressing the hypertonicity in my left Latissimus Dorsi muscle.



When I squeezed and held the at muscle [near the white dot in the above pic] my lumbopelvic pain diminished significantly and my mobility opened up.



Who would have thought that the lat could cause so much pain and immobility in my low back?

Look closely at the distal insertion of the lat. It attaches to the spinous processes of L1 thru L5 and into the superior aspect of the ilium.

When the left latissimus becomes hypertonic, it pulls the lumbar spinous processes up and to the left and pulls the ilium superior. This can create joint tension and locking of the SI and lumbars. It restricts pelvic elevation and lumbar lateral flexion.


Evaluation of the latissimus can be performed by testing muscle power output.

Below is a pic from the Myotonic Facilitation Technique manual of latissimus muscle testing protocols.





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