Dr. Brian Lattimer, DC


I just got off the phone with my friend and mentor, Dr. Brian Lattimer, DC. He was discussing the possibility of collaborating with me about helping chiropractors succeed in their practices.

[Brian lives in a remote town of 2,500 people, sees about 400 patients per week and none of them are repeat visits or on an extensive treatment plan. He is a master at practice growth and management.]


2 questions came out of our conversation:


– How satisfied are you with your practice on a scale of 1-10?


– How many doctors are willing to commit to a treatment plan involving 30 visits over a 90 day period? Pre-paid?



Take a moment to answer these questions before reading further…..




If the doctor is not willing to follow their own patient recommendations, how do they expect their patients to adhere to their recommendations?

This is incongruent and causes excess stress.

In the next several months I will be sharing insights from conversations with Dr. Lattimer.


The greatest practice growth advice I have received to date from Dr. Lattimer is to keep a ‘Gratitude Journal’.

Brian told me, “Every day write down several things you are grateful for in your journal. This allows you to see situations, people and opportunities in a whole new way.”


This daily practice has made a significant impact in my practice and my life. It has done the same for others that have incorporated this key tool for practice [and life] success.



My practice involves writing 5 things I am grateful for including those challenges that, when I adopt an attitude of gratitude, transforms the situation from adversity to adventure.



I look forward to hearing the success stories of those who implement this transformational action.


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