Low Back Pain – Core issues

I have noticed in my 26 years of practice that the majority [greater than 80%] of the back pain cases I have seen are caused by excess strain and tension from the core muscles. The core muscles include the transverse abs, obliques, ab rectus and quadratus lumborum. These muscles are responsible for the bending, rotation and flexion/extension of the low back.

Excess tension in these muscles creates compression in the lumbar discs and spinal joints causing pain. If we can reduce/eliminate the excess muscle tension the pain should disappear. How do we do that?

Correcting the core muscles involves pushing into the GTO’s at the musculo-tendinous junction near the insertion points [see arrows]. We can also release tension in the muscle belly by gently squeezing into the tender fibers [see dots].

This slide shows the correction for the transverse abdominal muscles. These principles are also applied to the ab rectus and obliques to reduce tension at the lumbosacral joints.


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