Myotonic Facilitation Technique

How do you know if a bulging disc is the patient’s cause of back pain?

When a patient presents with pain in their low back are you able to quickly distinguish if a disc is involved?

Do you know which muscle directly attaches to the lumber discs?

Do you know the three cardinal signs of disc herniations?

What are your procedures for managing disc injured patients?

Patients with disc injuries also have guarded core muscle memory patterns.

How do you handle that?

What is the saying about if your only tool is a hammer…?

Is your plan to just crack them again, and again and again?

I know that heart sinking feeling when you see a disc patient walk in your door.

I used to think there was only one way to treat disc herniations.

Here is a video of me evaluating and correcting a seminar attendee that was suffering from a L4-5 disc bulge revealed by MRI.

Pay attention to the symptoms of numbness and the muscle testing noting the initial weakness and the changes in power output post treatment.

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